Tuesday, January 21, 2014

What's the Haps in 2014...

Artists update:

After spending the last few years tucked away in his studio, Marcus L. Miller has decided to open up the vaults once again and release some new material. A date has not been decided for a release, but the process has begun. Miller will perform a live concert on March 1, 2014 at the William Grant Still art center in Los Angeles with his ensemble as part of the Music LA residency program featuring the music of LeadBelly. Please stay tuned in for more info! http://marcusmillerdrums.com

Project World Drum is preparing to release a live CD. The group plans to record various performances throughout the year with the goal of completing a CD complication of live tracks. If you're in Los Angeles during Memorial Day weekend, catch PWD performing live at the St. Elmo Village music & art festival May 24, 2014.

Freedom Jazz Movement is on a sabbatical. Tamica Wahington-Miller (choreographer/dancer), Jennifer Bowens (spoken word), Treva Offutt (vocals), and Marcus L. Miller (music/percussion) have taken a brief hiatus from performances in order to concentrate on creating several new pieces. The finished pieces are slated to debut in 2015. The group is also currently working on another CD project.

As always to hear the music of any of our artists including (BoujouBumBastick, the Formless Trio, & MillWood), please go to WUSR or WUSR-Live