Alaska...The final frontier & land of new beginnings

  Recently, Marcus was in Anchorage, Alaska working on a social justice project with his partner dancer/choreographer Tamica Washington-Miller. Together, the two are creating a new music and dance work that will help to bring more awareness to the plight of the refugees and immigrants based in Alaska. Their voices and stories need to be heard. 

Tamica started working on the project in 2017 in collaboration with the Anchorage Concert Association (ACA). Together the two are determined to figure out a way to use the Arts as a medium for effecting changes in not only the local communities of Anchorage, but also in society at large. A change in the current policies and practices that are systemically based.
As artists/activists, the  Millers are using their mediums to shed light on this growing problem and are hoping to help discover some better solutions. Lots of work is being done up here to help, but more is still needed. They are working with organizations such as RAIS (Refugee And Immigrant Services), Catholic Social Services,  and the ACA to effect such change.
Aside from the entertainment aspect, the Arts have the power to heal and unite people. This is an ongoing project that is expected to have a sight specific premiere of the work in the Spring of 2019.
"I've had a chance to meet a lot of wonderful people from places such as Somalia, Sudan, Iraq, Panama, and the Dominican Republic. No matter where they're from, they all share a common bond...they now live here in the USA and should be afforded the same rights and opportunities as everyone else. Some of their stories are filled with agonizing pain, while others are shining examples of determination and resiliency. As artists, we are duty bound to use our gifts and talents to help make the world a better place for everyone and bridge the cultural divides that separate us as people."
Through the music and with the dance, the Millers hope to share some of the stories of the newest Americans that are now following the paths of countless others in U.S. history. The difference is now, their road to freedom is littered with road blocks and hurdles, and filled with much uncertainty.

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