Friday, October 7, 2016

Ready for Release!

Global Music Mission

Universe Soul Records proudly announces the upcoming debut CD by Project World Drum.  This group is a percussion ensemble lead by artist/percussionist Marcus Miller. The CD features a collection of Miller's compositions and groove based ideas. The CD will soon be available only at

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Introducing our newest artist: Universe X

Universe X has arrived! Recently there was a report of a disturbance in the cosmos...a bright light and a loud sound were heard vibrating through the milky way. It is only by the forces of the Universe that we were able to connect with the entity known as Universe X. This is what we were able to obtain during the transmission. We are still gathering all the data that was sent to our databanks. Stay tuned in for more releases...Universe X -USR

Friday, July 31, 2015

Summer & Fall concert dates for Marcus Miller w/Freedom Jazz Movement

Upcoming concert performances for Artist/percussionist Marcus L. Miller w/Freedom Jazz Movement.

Sunday August 23, 2015 2:00 PM at St. Elmo Village 4830 St. Elmo Dt. Los Angeles, CA 90019. This concert is free, but donations will be kindly accepted.

Wedsday September 16, 2015 7:00 PM at The Smith Center Las Vegas, NV with the Lula Washington Dance Theatre.

Saturday October 3, 2015 3:00 PM at William Grant Still art center 2520 S. West View St. Los Angeles, CA 90016.

Thursday November 12, 2015 7 PM at Vladivostock Music Festival Vladivostock, Russia.

It's back online! WUSR...the soul of the universe

After a few months of technical difficulties, we are happy to announce that are two internet stations are back up and running. If you like the music of artist/percussionist Marcus Miller and his assorted projects, then by all means, please give it a listen. Here, you'll find tracks that aren't available on sites like Pandora and itunes.

There are two stations. WUSR plays studio released tracks. WUSRlive plays concert bootlegs. Enjoy!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Summer Drum Workshop events featuring Marcus Miller

MarcusMillerDrums workshop dates Summer 2015:

6/9      4 00    Marcus Miller   Lake View Terrace library   Lake View Terrace
6/10    1 00    Marcus Miller   Ben Franklin library            Boyle Heights
6/11    4 00    Marcus Miller   City Terrace library             City Terrace
6/15    4 00    Marcus Miller   Baldwin Hills library           Los Angeles
6/16    3 00    Marcus Miller   Charter Oak library             Covina 
6/17    2 00    Marcus Miller   South El Monte library        El Monte
6/18    3 30    Marcus Miller   Robertson Branch library    Culver City
6/22    4 00    Marcus Miller   Edendale Br library             Los Angeles
6/23    4 00    Marcus Miller   Masao Satow library           Gardena
6/24    3 00    Marcus Miller   Hacienda Heights library     Hacienda Heights
6/25    3 00    Marcus Miller   Duarte library                      Duarte
6/26    3 30    Marcus Miller   Lincoln Heights library       Lincoln Heights
6/27    2 00    Marcus Miller   Cudahy library                    Cudahy
6/29    3 00    Marcus Miller   Mar Vista  library               Mar Vista
6/30    4 30    Marcus Miller   Chet Holifield library         Montebello

7/1    11 00    Marcus Miller   Manhattan Beach library    Manhattan Beach
7/1      3 30    Marcus Miller   West Hollywood library     West Hollywood
7/2      4 00    Marcus Miller   Studio City library              Studio City
7/6      3 00   Marcus Miller   Angeles Mesa library           Los Angeles
7/7     11&1  Marcus Miller   Simi Valley library       Simi Valley
7/8     1 00    Marcus Miller   Southeast library                  Torrance
7/8     4 00    Marcus Miller   El Retiro library                   Torrance
7/9     4 00    Marcus Miller   Walteria library                    Torrance
7/10    2 00    Marcus Miller   Torrance library                  Torrance
7/11    2 00    Marcus Miller   Huntington Park library      Huntington Park
7/14    2 00    Marcus Miller   Henderson library               Torrance
7/14    4 00    Marcus Miller   North Torrance library       Torrance
7/15    12 00  Marcus Miller   John Thomas Dye Summer Camp L.A.
7/15    3 00    Marcus Miller   El Modena library              Orange
7/16    3 00    Marcus Miller   La Quinta library                La Quinta
7/17    2 00    Marcus Miller   Corona library                    Corona
7/18    2 00    Marcus Miller   Hawthorne library              Hawthorne
7/22    2 00    Marcus Miller   Claremont library               Claremont
7/23    11 30  Marcus Miller   Crestline Branch library     Crestline
7/28    3 00    Marcus Miller   Montebello Lib                  Montebello
7/28    6 30    Marcus Miller   Silverlake Branch library   Silverlake
7/29    2 00    Marcus Miller   Rialto library                      Rialto
7/30    4&6  Marcus Miller  Heritage Park library     Irvine

8/1      2:00   Marcus Miller   Temple City library            Temple City
8/4      1 00   Marcus Miller   Pio Pico Branch library      Los Angeles
8/5      3 00   Marcus Miller   Mecca library                     Mecca
8/8     11 00  Marcus Miller   Porter Ranch library           Porter Ranch

Monday, February 9, 2015

Black History Month performances

Come celebrate Black History month with MarcusMillerDrums... A hands-on, interactive drum experience

 Appearing Live:

2/9 - Edendale Library Los Angeles, CA 4 p.m.

2/10 - Rowland Heights Library Rowland Heights, CA 4 p.m.

2/11 - View Park Library Los Angeles, CA 4 p.m.

2/21 - Claremont Library Claremont, CA 2 p.m.

 Rancho Mirage Library 2014
View Park Library 2014

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Upcoming Dates and Performances

Happy 2015! Hope everyone's year is off to a good start. We're still having a few technical difficulties with the MarcusMillerDrums site. Thank you for your patience. We'll be up and running again soon. In the meantime, please check here for upcoming performance dates and any other pertinent info that we have to release.

Speaking of dates, here's a list of upcoming performances featuring Marcus L. Miller with his ensembles Freedom Jazz Movement and Project World Drum. Marcus will be accompanying the Lula Washington Dance Theatre on their upcoming tour of the East coast. Come celebrate Black History month with us. If you're close to any of these venues, please come check out our unique show...Black Modern Dance with live Afro Percussion. You won't regret it!

 Sat Feb 14 2015  7:00p    Washington, DC [w/LWDT]
 Sun Feb 15 2015  4:00p    Washington, DC  [w/LWDT]

Thu Feb 26 2015  8:00p  Newark, NJ [w/LWDT]

Sat Mar 7 2015 3:00p    William Grant Still art center Los Angeles, CA [PWD]

Fri Apr 10 2015  8:00p  Schrott Hall  Indianapolis, IN [LWDT/FJM]

Wed Sep 16 2015  8:00p   Las Vegas, NV  [LWDT/FJM]

Fri Oct 30 2015  8:00p  Minneapolis, MN [w/LWDT]

*For a complete list of Marcus' performances, please go to