Wednesday, July 27, 2011

MLM Flash drives

Marcus L. Miller Flash Drives

Universe Soul Records announces the release of the new MLM flash drive. This 2 gb drive holds all of your favorite Marcus L. Miller music (mp3s, WAVs, AIFFs, or mp4s). Now you can take Marcus with you everywhere you go. Click here to purchase a flash drive.


Fully Loaded (Marcus L. Miller complete 11 CD catalog) - $100.00 Marcus Miller Drums (5 CD collection) - $50.00 Blank Flash Drive - $20.00

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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

MMD CD release

New CD Release: June 2011

Just in time for Black Music month, Universe Soul records is pleased to announce the release of my latest CD project Marcus Miller Drums.

This is a 5 CD compilation. This collection includes a myriad of rhythms and songs. The featured albums include Sankofa, Sound Machine 2010 & Beyond, Hammer Brush & Bucket, Afrodisiac and The Concert for a Green World. It is only available on my home site; No itunes, cdbaby, etc... To order, please Click Here

About the new drum CDs!

Universe Soul Records proudly announces the upcoming release by Marcus L. Miller. This CD is all about the drum. In fact there are 5 CDs b/c there was so much music it wouldn't fit on just one. This CD has been in the works for many years, and now the tracks are available for Music Supervisors via Heavy Harmony Music publishing company.

The CDs feature Marcus playing an array of drums and percussion instruments. Nearly every sound and instrument you hear is played by MLM. Not since his first album release, It's Miller Time, has he showcased his talents on other instruments. The five titles are Sankofa, Sound Machine 2010 and beyond, The Hammer, Brush, & Bucket, The Concert for a Green world, & Afrodisiac.

The Hammer, Brush, & Bucket album is material written for a drum orchestra. Sound Machine 2011 & beyond is the resultant mixture of traditional acoustic drumming with electronic synthesized drums.Sankofa is a tribute to the drummers that have influenced Miller's style. Afrodisiac encompasses a range of drumming styles and grooves. Afrodisiac features music that showcases the inherent African feeling in most "Black" music and has a couple of grooves to "get you in the mood." The Concert for a Green World is a Live album recorded in Los Angeles 2008 at St. Elmo Village.

Over the years, Miller had received many requests from fans asking for a drum CD. Miller says, "It's my hope that after you listen to these tracks, you'll never think of a drum in the same way." This collection includes West African, Brazilian, Afro-Cuban, Western, Middle-Eastern, and Electronic styles of drumming. Miller adds, "I've had a chance to play a lot of different, types of music and rhythms. This was my chance to put it all together and see what happens."

The CDs are also available separately. As usual, the tracks will be first released on, but will soon be available on itunes and many other online retailers. Get it Here First!