Monday, July 26, 2010

Online Music Retailers for USR

If you are online and searching for the music of any of our artists, we have made it available at over 70 online music retailers. This includes the big boys like itunes, rhapsody, amazon, cdbaby, and napster as well as host of other sellers. You can always visit the "Official Marcus L. Miller store" (click on link below) to purchase any selections not found elsewhere. You're never more than a click away from downloading one of our artists tunes for your pleasure and enjoyment.

On-Line Music Retailers:

*We also offer Digital Download cards through To order, please Click Here

Discover the music of Universe Soul Records artists

Catalog includes: BoujouBumBastick & Marcus L. Miller w/Freedom Jazz Movement

All Same to God - BoujouBumBastick - Universe Soul records 2002

It's Miller Time - Marcus L. Miller - Universe Soul records 2003

Body, Soul, & Spirit - Marcus L. Miller - Universe Soul records 2005

Back Again - Marcus L. Miller - Universe Soul records 2007

Quintessential - Marcus L. Miller - Universe Soul Records 2010

Did you know about our online radio station WUSR?

Universe Soul Records radio station

WUSR...the soul of the [cyber] universe

Enjoy songs from some of our artists including Marcus L. Miller, BoujouBumBastick, Jazz Poetry Collective, & others in the Universe Soul Records catalog. For more info about Universe Soul Records, please go to

It's Here! If you like extended play songs, boot legged shows, soundboard mixes, then we've got a treat for you. In the fall, we launched WUSR-Live radio station. This might not be for the purist or those into heavily produced tracks. We're talking about raw, unedited, unmixed, non mastered recordings recorded on whatever device was applicable at that moment. The goal is the preservation of live music and performances. There's a special magic and energy that only happens on stage when the right forces come together.

"If one is able to capture that moment, then one truly has something of great value; if to no one else other than oneself. "-mlm

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Artists roster

Our artists roster is small, but growing. Because we are a small label, we can only service a few artists at a time. At the moment we are proud to feature:

Formless Trio- A bold new project that combines the electric fusion sound with elements of metal, African traditional drumming, 1960's classic rock, punk, & jazz. The group consists of Paul Kim on guitar/keyboards, Keith Langevin-bass, & Marcus L. Miller-drums. The group has no set list, no charts, no repertoire...We just start playing whatever comes to mind! The group has recorded 2 albums which will soon be released. The group has performed twice in Los Angeles, CA and is seeking a booking agent to really get things swinging. To check out these young improvisers, please go to

Freedom Jazz Movement - Under the direction and leadership of Artist/Percussionist Marcus L. Miller, FJM delivers a dynamic jazz sound. The group has recorded 4 albums (It's Miller Time; Body, Soul, & Spirit; Back Again; & Quintessential) with 1 more soon to be released. Since 1998, FJM has played performed throughout the East and West coasts of the United States. Most often represented by a quintet, the group ranges from a trio, quartet, sextet, up to a 12 piece ensemble. The instrumentation and players may change, but the sound remains a constant. The group often performs with the Lula Washington Dance Theatre; creating new heights of jazz dance. Miller composes most of the groups material and his supporting cast helps deliver the knockout punch. Group highlights include performances at the Lincoln Center out of doors festival in 2006, and a 2 night run with Chris Botti at the Carolina Theater in 2006. For more information, please go to or

BoujouBumBastick - This trio features the combination of Senegalese Kora, combined with Western Drums & bass. The group consists of Badialy Cissoko -kora/lead vocals, Mark Sims-bass/background vocals, & Marcus L. Miller- drums/background vocals. The group released it's debut album, "All Same to God", in 2002. The group recorded it's second album in 2003, but it has yet to be released. The group has performed at such festivals as the North Beach Jazz Festival in San Francisco, the NEMO conference in Boston, MA, many local venues in Los Angeles, CA and were the opening group for the Humboldt County's Reggae on the River festival in 2001.To hear more of these original sounding group, please go to

Other Artists on tap:

We are currently working with vocalist Tab E. D. on her new solo CD, spoken word artist Charles Reese, and vocalist Renee Wilson.

About us

Mission Statement:
Our goal is to produce quality music that captures and represents the unique style of our artists. We strive to help real artists express themselves in ways that only they can do. Whether it's Jazz, World, Folk, Blues, or Soul, we aim to give you a sound that you have not heard and trust it will resonate with you.